Wednesday, February 7, 2007


So, a few seconds ago, my Karma changed.
Karma changed into a Kuchipatchi!
Well, that was an update frenzy!
Bye now!

Hey! Lookatme!

Okay, so today, Ei changed into an Obitchi! She's adorable and she's prepping up for Karma!
And, the matchmaker visited Kal today, and she brought along a Bill.
(Isn't he a GUY like Kal?)
O . o ;;
Well, me thinking quickly, I pressed yes for LOVE.
I wonder if Kal is gay?
O . o ;;
Now he has a little boy.
I'm cursed with boys.
I'm glad I have Ei.
I love my boys but that's a bit too many!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Another Change...

Well, today one of my friends was nice enough to give me a v3 Tama! I started it up, and it hatched into a girl. I named her Ei, and connected her with my two boys, Katsu, and Kal. Well, the funniest thig happened! Those two usually give each other things that they hate, but when they connected with her, they gave her all these nice things. Perhaps they're happy to finally have a girl around!
Well, later on Ei changed into a toddler character, Mizutamatchi! Cute lil' fella...
And just now, Katcu changed into an adult. A Whaletchi. So cute!
This means that Karma will change later today, so as soon as he does, another post will be added!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Changin' Time!

Yeah! Katsu, and Karma changed into teens!
Katsu changed into a cute lil' Ringotchi.
Karma chaned into a Yu-fotchi, but he looks a little girly!
Now my Kal changed into an adult, meaning it's time to wait for the matchmaker!
Kal changed into a cool lookin' Kurokotchi!
My boys are growing up.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Chest Time!

Okay, there was a sale in the shop today, so I bought a chest that was half off. -Normally 200 pts. but it was 100 pts.- And when I opened it I got.....
3000 pts.

Friday, February 2, 2007

My Two Rowdy Boys!

My two lovely boy Tamas are Kal, and Katsu. Kal is two years old, and is a beautiful Hinatchi! I love him to death! Katsu is still 0 years old, and is a Hotodetchi! I love them to death, as I do for all of my Tamas!

Karma is Born!

Today, at 9:47 PM EST my new baby Tamagotchi, Karma, a boy, is born! He is a very handsome Babytchi! He is the son of my beloved Kairi, whom I miss very much. Enjoy your freedom Kairi!